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Modern Medicine

Our hi-tech hospitals and experienced doctors which we have selected from our years of experienced in the field will help us to offer world class care with all modern medical care facilities.


Ayurvedic Treatments

Kerala is a world renowned destination for ayurvedic treatments, which is an age old tradition in kerala where the treatments are offered by various hospials as well as ayurvedic resorts.


Tour Packages

Clubbed with whichever type of treatment you are choosing in kerala whether it is modern medical treatment or ayurvedic / nature therapies we can arrange tour packages to your chosen destination.


About Oneline International Health Care

Oneline is managed by a group of professionals from Healthcare, Information Technology and Media with extensive knowledge in the field of tourism and medical care . For tourists always the quality and the cost element are always the deciding factor in opting a treatment in a foreign county.

Our array of hospitals and resorts are well equipped enough to cater to your needs. Our partner hopitals and medical centres located in Kerala, Tamilnadu and Karnataka are the gem of a kind with regard to the quality of the services and accredition. The specialist doctors associated with us are all internationally certified from reputed medical institutions and are experts in treating international patients.


Contact Info

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Trivandrum, Kerala

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E-mail: mail@onelinehealthcare.com